New Homes

When you have found a piece of land and would like to build your dream home from scratch we are here to help. We love being part of this process, turning your dreams into reality. We can give you a rough idea of what you will be spending at the time of concept drawings and then reprice the home once the plans have been finalised. We have worked alongside a number of architects in the region over the years.


A well-built deck can really enhance a home and provide a quality indoor outdoor flow. T & K Services can help you achieve this by discussing your options and outdoor area needs.


When you have brought an existing home that you love but you are unsure about the longevity of the cladding there is always the option of re-cladding your home. This involves removing the existing cladding, dealing with any remedial work deemed necessary and then recladding the home in a cladding that you prefer. Some clients choose at this time to also upgrade their joinery to allow them to have the benefit of double glazing.


Again, when you love the location, love your home but it no longer meets the needs of your family in terms of size, people may choose to carry out an addition. This could mean going out by adding an extra bedroom or bathroom to one end of the house. Or by going up, adding extra bedrooms or living areas when creating an extra story on top of the existing home. Both options would gain the much needed extra floor space while allowing you to stay in the same location and breathing a new lease of life into your home.


When you love the location, love your home but it no longer meets your needs people often choose to carry out an alteration. This could mean changing the internal configuration of the home or altering a major area such as the bathroom or kitchen.

Light Commercial

T & K Services have also been involved with a number of light commercial ventures over the years. Feel free to contact them with your light commercial plans to see if they can help.
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Member of the Certified Builders: T & K Services have been members of the Certified Builders since 2007, having long since recognized the member benefits of being part of the association. We can offer you the peace of mind that we use Certified Builders contracts with the work that we carry out. There are a number of contracts available that can meet the needs of your project.

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Truan is a licensed building practitioner allowing you to build with confidence.

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The Board of New Zealand Certified Builders has adopted a policy that requires all Business Members of NZCB to take out the Halo 10 Year Residential Guarantee on all residential projects (both new and alterations) that are $30,000 (incl GST) or over. The Halo 10 year residential guarantee provides maximum peace of mind for homeowners. This guarantee is also transferable to new owners if the home is sold within the 10 year period. For more information please see more here

Have a project in mind?

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